Louise Let´s Dance

His name is Louis Van Amstel and he is a young, good looking dance instructor. He moves beautifully around the ballroom with a series of partners. While he is obviously experienced, he seems a little more suited for personal lessons.
Dance Instructions: Rating 6.5 / 10
The video made references to the celebrities he has instructed. This did little to raise our confidence. The marketing for the program is a lot like the instruction. Louis Let’s Dance challenges the student´s to learn the figures and steps.

The instruction covers all the necessary elements but it’s just a little too staged, a little less comfortable than our number one choice.

Learning Material: Rating 7.5 / 10
It is a downloadable program, students do not receive the CDs, DVDs or the workbook that accompany our number one choice. However, students do download instruction for seven ballroom dances rather than six.

Louis takes students through the basic steps of the Foxtrot, Waltz, Samba, Salsa, Rhumba, Jive and Tango. Louis patiently presents the figures and steps of the dances and is certainly accomplished enough.

Louis’ teaching style was not as comfortable as Jaimie’s and Mark’s. The lessons seem just a little too scripted, a little too rigid. The material is fine, the music great and students who stick with the program will catch on. Louis is clearly the star and there’s just a little more distance between teacher and student.

The download is accompanied by a complimentary audio mp3 collection that features a nice selection of ballroom music.

Usage: Rating 7 / 10
Louis Let’s Dance is a downloadable program. Upon purchasing the product, students are directed to a secure page where they can download the series of dance videos. The downloading is pretty quick and easy to accomplish.

The files are universal and play with any Mac or PC. Students can then opt to burn the lessons to a DVD.

Price: Rating 9 / 10
Louis Let’s Dance is inexpensive. Students simply download and can then choose to burn their won DVDs or store the download on their computer. Either way, students can re-use the lessons so there is ongoing value with the purchase.

While less expensive than our top choice, students who need to get started with crash courses will like this easy-download and get started approach. The program carries a 56-day money back guarantee.

Support: Rating 2 / 10
Students may be disappointed with the lack of online forums or active internet support. Most of the help advice deals with the downloading procedures. Students are pretty much left on their own with Louis Let’s Dance.

Visit the Louise Let´s Dance Site

Overall Rating: Rating 7 / 10

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